Monday, 19 September 2011

As ya do.

As you know, London Fashion Week is in full swing down at Somerset House this week. As a dresser for PPQ I spent Friday evening backstage, preparing the models for what appeared to be a nineties inspired show. I have to admit it was slightly awkward when my model (Yulia Terentieva) got stuck in her skirt and I had about 30 seconds to get her changed and back on the catwalk, BUT (with the help of about 20 people attacking the skirt) we did it.
     Following a hectic but brilliant show we casually 'hung' backstage with Peaches Geldof, (by 'hung' I mean she briefly made an appearance) and then we all hit the after party at The Mayfair Hotel! Bumped into Erin O'Connor, snapped a few pics AND THEN - highlight of my evening - Jay Camilleri asked me for a lighter. Due to sheer excitement and in my overwhelmed state I replied with a VERY enthusiastic "HELLO YOU," as though we were bezzies. This was slightly awkward but still.

Yulia's first look, the pencil skirt & blazer in blue with
PPQ print and a white print tee underneath.

Yulia's first & second look on the catwalk...

Model Yulia in PPQ SS12 

Yulia in the second look. PPQ SS12.

WOW. Some of the nails for the show...

So prettyyy.

Just hanging...

Peaches Geldof backstage with PPQ
designers Percy Parker & Amy Molyneaux.

I just HAD to throw this one in... you know, beings we're all mates and stuff...

Jay Camilleri.


Love Sacha...

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