Monday, 6 June 2011

BFW - The Couture Show Highlights

The Couture Show at Brighton Fashion Week wowed its audience with an array of impressive, cutting edge designs.

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Tim Rhys-Evans

 Vanessa Jordan

Tijana & Mila Poppovic

Andrew Bannister - Studio 805

Designer Andrew Bannister.

Hayley Lai


Millie Betito

Alexei Izmaylov

Jess Eaton - Road Kill Couture 
Made with real animal skins and feathers, Eaton had the audience on their feet, her catwalk display opened with this fascinating film.

Edward Finney


The dress which began to leak blue hues as the model
progressed towards the end of the catwalk. IMPRESSIVE.

Edward Finney backstage after the show.

OH and...

Yes that was me zooming in on your face...
PAPPED. John from CH4's The Model Agency.

Photographs: Sacha Musgrove 
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Love Sacha...

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