Monday, 21 March 2011

Riccardo Tisci, the new face behind Dior?

I'm sure by now you are all quite aware of John Galliano's recent, racist rant, which lost him the position as creative director at Christian Dior. Just three weeks later Galliano's career ruining conversation seems to be old news and more concerning to the haute couture consumers is who will take over as the new creative director at Dior? Rumours of various designers to take over have spread fast but it seems Riccardo Tisci is the one everyone is betting on. Appointed as the creative director at Givenchy in 2005, Tisci has produced some outstanding pieces, but could he continue the infamous beauty Galliano portrayed through Dior?
     It is obvious that Galliano and Tisci are not too similar with their design aesthetics. Galliano brought a soft, elegant and often sophisticated presence to each Dior collection and while Tisci is fantastic at creating garments that are so aesthetically pleasing, he often embraces a noticeably dark and mysterious, gothic style, quite dissimilar to that of Dior.

Dark & mysterious, Givenchy A/W11
Feminine & Elegant, Dior A/W11

Despite their different approach to design, both Galliano and Tisci are intellectually creative when it comes to producing something innovative and unique. Perhaps Dior is looking for an edgier designer to develop it's aesthetic. Or maybe Tisci will show that he is more than capable of adapting his creativity to suit a slightly different market. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing Dior's S/S12 collection in September - with or without Tisci.

With all of this speculation in mind, who would you like to be the new creative director at Dior? Riccardo Tisci? Alber Elbaz? Marc Jacobs? I hear even Katie Price is in the running with odds of 1000/1... Interesting.

Love Sacha...

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